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4th Slemani International Film Festival to be held in October

The Fourth Slemani International Film Festival is planned to be started on October 1 and would welcome famous artists from around the world.

According to the officials of the festival which will be held in Slemani, Kurdistan Region, a large number of films and artists from around the world would attend in the festival which many are eager to participate.

Malla Bakhtiar, the president of the international festival told a press conference on August 9 in Slemani’s Ramadi Hotel that the 4th festival has attempted to consider the criticisms against the last three festivals and will welcome the opinions which would help holding a better festival in October.

The president stated that festival would encourage young artists and film makers, adding that festivals would ease the educations of a new generation of film makers and artists.

Cancer of the Earth.

The planning president of the festival told the conference that 4th Slemani International Film Festival would be quite difference from the former ones and said there has been ties with international film making companies and important film festivals, including Cannes and Berlin film festivals. He stated that the best and the newest works would be screened in the festival.

Line Reza said holding international seminars, attended by the representatives of world festivals like Krakow, Nashville, Atlanta and Iran’s Fajr Festival, was a great achievement of the 3th Slemani International Festival and the representatives’ ideas about the third festival and their complementation in introducing the festival as one of the best in the world and in the Middle East, in particular, have made the officials of the 4th festival to stress more on the international side of the festival and its intra-festival relations.

Reza added the 4th festival will be held under the motto of the “Cancer of the World” and the festival will have ties with the international body of Peace Cinema and the works would focus on coexistence, environment and world affairs.

She further added some 5000 films have been sent to the festival since May and 150 films from 50 countries have been selected to be screened and take part in the competition section.



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